The BePE workshop will gather a small group of international scholars to discuss papers in the field of personnel economics.

The workshop welcomes both applied and theoretical work related to any topic relevant for the management of human resources from the economics perspective.

It encourages papers that use psychological insights to analyze the research question or papers that might be enriched by those insights. All personnel papers, however, are welcome.


The workshop lasts three days.

The first day will start with sightseeing of Valparaíso and the adjacent vineyard Viña Indómita.

In the second and third days, there will be paper presentations and informal instances to brainstorm about personnel topics best suited to be analyzed using psychological insights, such as talent, leadership or "soft" skills.


The workshop will take place in a boutique Hotel in Zapallar, a small beach town near Santiago, Chile’s capital city.




In line with its vision of excelling in the search of knowledge, the BePE workshop is integrally funded by Universidad de Los Andes, Chile.

Questions or comments, contact the organizer Rosario Macera at